Friday April 27, 2018 – Paramount Theatre

Texas Burlesque Fest celebrates the renaissance of all performances burlesque, cabaret and vaudeville in nature and strives to foster a supportive community among performers in Texas and across the United States and the World through networking and professional performance opportunities. Get ready for some real Texas hospitality!

Featuring new Austin resident World Famous *BOB* as our Mistress of Ceremonies!

One act will be chosen as our Audience Choice winner and will get a slot to compete again on Saturday night!

Since its inception, the Texas Burlesque Festival has been an unprecedented success, busting at the seams with amazing Burlesque, Vaudeville and Cabaret performers from all over the nation and abroad, and playing to sold out audiences. We are excited to offer performers a chance to be on a world class stage to capacity crowds in our new venue: The Paramount Theatre!

Headliners & Emcee

Alotta Boutte is an international cabaret and burlesque sensation. Hailing from the nightclubs of San Francisco, Ms. Boutte delivers the raunch, blues and soul of a Southern juke joint queen with the sophistication and charm of a Harlem debutante. Built for sin with the voice of an angel, Ms. Boutte serves up sweet lyrical somethings that titillate your eyes and tantalize your ears.

Formerly a member of Harlem Shake, neo-burlesque’s first all black troupe, Ms. Boutte has been a featured performer at Tease-O-Rama, the Burlesque Hall of Fame, the New York Burlesque Festival, Helsinki Burlesque Festival, Stockholm’s Hootchy Kootchy Club and in Margaret Cho’s Sensuous Woman and shared the stage with the biggest and brightest in burlesque and cabaret. Recently, she starred as the Chanteuse in the Mugler Follies in Paris. She currently resides in San Francisco and is part of the world’s longest running musical, Beach Blanket Babylon.

Jo Weldon is the author of The Burlesque Handbook and the Headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque. For more than three decades, she has strutted her stuff in the buff around the world, from the seediest dive strip joints to the esteemed stages of the most elegant high brow venues. She has appeared on the list of top ten burlesque industry figures in 21st Century Burlesque’s annual poll every year for nine years. She has contributed to the administration of burlesque educational programs at Coney Island USA, The Burlesque Hall of Fame, and BurlyCon. Her next book, Fierce: The History of Leopard Print, is due from HarperDesign in 2018.

Coco Lectric, The Mistress of Musicality, is an electrifying dancer, actor, and vocalist. She’s the current President of the Board for BurlyCon International Burlesque Educational Convention, founded the Austin Burlesque Alliance, is the co-producer of the Texas Burlesque Festival, and is the Director of The Austin Academy of Burlesque. Among her other accolades and awards, she’s performed in the Miss Exotic World and Reigning Queen of Burlesque competition in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2015. She has been voted in the “Top 30 Burlesque Performers in the World” for the past 6 years (21st Century Burlesque’s “Burlesque Top 50”). She currently produces and directs Mistress of Musicality Productions.

The World Famous *BOB*, known for her over the top blonde bombshell image and incredible ability to mix martinis in her cleavage, has captivated audiences all over the world with her unique burlesque stylings, humorous performance art, and emcee skills. She has been photographed by hundreds of photographers and appears in several books including Hotel LaChapelle, New Burlesque, Striptease: From Gaslight to Spotlight, as well as The Burlesque Handbook. A collection of photos by Amy Touchette was recently published by UnGyve Press entitled Shoot the Arrow- A Portrait of The World Famous *BOB*.

*BOB* is a huge fan of the boob tube and has appeared on A&E’s The History of Cleavage as well as HBO’s Real Sex. She has graced the pages of over 50 national & international publications including The New York Times.

She has performed all over the world and co-created and starred in Young Jean Lee’s; Untitled Feminist Show. She just packed up her wigs and moved to Austin, TX where she plans on living in a Pink Poodle Palace, making fearless and beautiful art, leading an LGBTQ Elder Revolution and adopting a gay teenage son. For more info and to see if she is coming to your town visit

The Performers

Boiz of Austin – Austin, TX

Champagne Shock – Dayton, OH

Charmine Deuxply – Austin, TX

Precious Ephemera – New Orleans, LA

Crocodile Lightning – Chicago, IL

Fat Bottom Cabaret – Austin, TX

Ginger Snaps – Austin, TX

Kitty Von Quimm – Austin, TX

Lady Sapphire Noir – Los Angeles, CA

Mad Max Morrison – Austin, TX

Mira Miranda – Dallas, TX

Remi Martini – Austin, TX

Rowdy Rory – Austin, TX

Ruby Lamb – Austin, TX

Sherry Bomb – Austin, TX

Sir Berkeley Feltwell – Austin, TX

Toxic Twins – Austin, TX

Vivi Valens – Chicago, IL

2018 Audience Choice Winner

Fat Bottom Cabaret – Austin, TX