Friday April 7, 2017 – Stateside Theatre

Doors 7pm nightly
Show 8pm nightly

Friday night is all about the Legends of Burlesque and we are excited to be bringing Tiffany Carter back to Texas! Plus a command performance by last year’s headliner Trojan Original, with fellow Mod Carousel member the Luminous Pariah!

Keeping it all running smoothly for her 7th straight year as the Mistress of Ceremonies will be Denver’s Miss Cora Vette!

Friday night’s performers will be competing for the Audience Choice Award and a slot in the Saturday night “Capitol Competition”!

Headliners & Emcee

Legend Tiffany Carter – Las Vegas, NV

Trojan Original – Seattle, WA

Luminous Pariah – Seattle, WA

Miss Cora Vette – Denver, CO

The Performers

Blaise Ricin – Austin, TX

Bo Toxique – Los Angeles, CA

Diamond Minx – Vancouver, Canada

Faye Havoc – Vancouver, Canada

Gem de la Creme & Stan Back – Austin, TX

Goldie Candela – Austin, TX

Lady Lola LeStrange – Austin, TX

Ms. Red Snapper – Dallas, TX

Olatsa Assassin – Seattle, WA

The Pistolettes – Dallas, TX

Queertini Time – Austin, TX

Roxxy Reckless – Dallas, TX

Ruby Joule – Austin, TX

Ruby Lamb – Austin, TX

Sherry Bomb – Austin, TX

Zaftigg von BonBon – Austin, TX

About The Friday Legends Show

The Texas Burlesque Festival celebrates the renaissance of burlesque and vaudeville and strives to foster a supportive community among performers across the United States and the world through networking and performance opportunities.

TXBF seeks to promote the art and entertainment of burlesque to audiences in Austin, Texas, and the rest of Texas by putting world-class burlesque on stage!

The Friday night showcase is our Night of Legends. Each year, we bring in one of the great performers from burlesque’s storied past and pay homage to the individuals who helped pave the way for the art form’s development!

Friday night will crown one winner with The Lone Stars and Garters Audience Choice Award! You, the audience member, has an important role to play as it is your response which determines who wins!!

Winners will be eligible for a slot in the Saturday Showcase if chosen and are available. Performers are not required to compete and may opt out of the competition, on any night, if they choose. Winners will perform the same routine with which they won the Friday night showcase.

2017 Audience Choice Winner

Lady Lola LeStrange – Austin, TX