Saturday April 8, 2017 – Paramount Theatre

Doors 7pm nightly
Show 8pm nightly

Saturday Night is always our Capitol Competition and will feature performances by 2 of the top acts in the country right now: Vancouver’s rockabilly rebel Lola Frost, Seattle’s boylesque sensations Mod Carousel. And topping it all off, the triumphant return of the troupe who founded this festival: Kitty Kitty Bang Bang!

Keeping it all running smoothly for her 7th straight year as the Mistress of Ceremonies will be Denver’s Miss Cora Vette!

Saturday night’s performers will be competing in 6 award categories, including : Queen or King of The Fest and will be judged by our headliners and legends.

Headliners & Emcee

Lola Frost – Vancouver, Canada

Mod Carousel – Seattle, WA

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

Miss Cora Vette – Denver, CO

The Performers

Ariel Helvetica – Vancouver, Canada

Baby Le’Strange – Portland, OR

Bobby Barnaby – San Francisco, CA

Chola Magnolia – Austin, TX

Dasha Cayenne – Oakland, CA

Egypt Blaque Knyle – Los Angeles, CA

Fat Bottom Cabaret – Austin, TX

Ginger Snaps – Austin, TX

J.D. Hickcock – Houston, TX

Kater Tot – Kansas City, MO

Renée Rebelle – Philadelphia, PA

Sucre à la Crème – Montreal, Quebec

Teddy Bare – San Antonio, TX

The Jigglewatts Burlesque Revue – Austin, TX

UmA ShAdow – Yokohama, Japan

Valerie Veils – Seattle, WA

About The Saturday Competition Show

After the show Saturday Night, enjoy the post event party with the performers! Dress your Burlesque best and mix and mingle with performers from all nights of the fest. Bar open til 2am!

The Texas Burlesque Festival celebrates the renaissance of burlesque and vaudeville and strives to foster a supportive community among performers across the United States and the world through networking and performance opportunities.

TXBF seeks to promote the art and entertainment of burlesque to audiences in Austin, Texas, and the rest of Texas by putting world-class burlesque on stage!

The Saturday Night Showcase is our Best of the Fest and features the cream of the crop of the applicants competing in these categories:

  • Best Soloist – King or Queen of TXBF
  • Best Ensemble (includes duets/trios/any number with more than one performer)
  • Most Original
  • Best Costume
  • Best Tease Factor
  • Best Novelty (includes aerial/pole/misc. large prop pieces)

Performers are not required to compete and may opt out, if they choose. Doing so will NOT affect their chances of selection for the festival.

Judging Criteria/Definitions

We will be looking at your individual total as well as cumulative totals from all judges in order to choose the winner in each of the following categories: Best Costume, Most Original, Best Solo, Best Novelty/Large Prop Use and Best Tease Factor. Each category has 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) rating.

  • Costume – did it add to the piece/enhance the theme? Custom made or store bought?
  • Musicality – did performer connect with the music and use it to create the proper mood, enhance/carry the theme, coordinate the strip and tease elements with accents and cadences.
  • Presentation – did performer work/connect with the audience effectively? did piece build intensity, was there a visual crescendo?
  • Tease Factor – did you quiver with anticipation? were you left wanting more?
  • Choreography – were there actual steps/stylized movement involved and did it fit the music?
  • Originality – was the concept/idea fresh or unique or provided a new or interesting take on the tease? Did the performance expand the boundaries of burlesque?
  • Use of Prop/Novelty – was performer proficient with the prop/highly skilled, did the use of prop add to the piece/integral part of it, did it add to the theme. was it entertaining?
  • Classic Elements – if the piece is done in the “classic style”, or includes elements such as glove or stocking pull, use of fans, daftly did the performer execute the moves?

2017 Winners

Ariel Helvetica – Vancouver, Canada
Best Costume

Teddy Bare – San Antonio, TX
Best Novelty/Variety

Lady Sapphire Noir – Los Angeles, CA
Most Original

Dasha Cayenne – Oakland, CA
Best Tease Factor

Fat Bottom Cabaret – Austin, TX
Best Ensemble

Egypt Blaque Knyle – Los Angeles, CA
Best Solo/Queen of the Fest