About the Festival

The Texas Burlesque Festival is a two-day hoedown and showdown celebrating the raucous revival of burlesque, vaudeville and the accompanying et cetera. Aimed at (but not exclusive to) the regional, national and international community of ecdysiasts. This weekend overflows with opportunities to refine your bump and grind including parties, a roundtable/brunch, workshops and vendors.

Texas Burlesque Festival celebrates the renaissance of burlesque and vaudeville and strives to foster a supportive community among performers across the United States and the world through networking and performance opportunities.

  • To enable networking among burlesque performers
  • To develop connections between the Texas burlesque community and existing communities in other regions of the U.S. and abroad
  • To provide a venue for burlesque and vaudeville performers from across Texas, the nation and beyond to celebrate their art forms and inspire each other through performance
  • To promote the art and entertainment of burlesque to audiences in Austin, Texas, and the rest of Texas by putting world-class burlesque on stage!

About the Showcases

Texas Burlesque Fest will showcase performers on Friday and Saturday nights. Performance slots will be awarded based on the quality of the submitted routine(s), selections are juried. Friday Night is an Audience Choice Award night and Saturday is the Capitol Competition with 5 categories of awards as listed below. The earlier you apply the better chance you have of performing!


  • Best in Show – Lone Stars and Garters Award (as determined by the audience Friday night) – Winners will be offered a slot in the Saturday Night showcase and must perform the same routine.

Saturday’s Capitol Competition Awards:

  • Best Soloist = King or Queen of TXBF
  • Best Ensemble (includes duets/trios any number with more than one performer)
  • Most Original
  • Best Costume
  • Best Tease Factor
Competition OPT OUT

Performers are not required to compete and may opt out, if they choose. Doing so will NOT affect chances of selection for the festival.

Performer Application Fees

Early Registration ($27):
November 1st – 30th 2018 (includes $2 processing fee)

Open Registration ($37):
December 1st 2018 – January 31st 2019 (includes $2 processing fee)

Late Registration ($52):
February 1st – February 15th 2019 (includes $2 processing fee)

Notification Timeline

Final Acceptance/Decline notices will be sent by March 8th, 2019. So get your app in on time, saves you money and improves your chances of selection!

We use PayPal and the button is built into the application process. Please use the same email account listed on your application.

Please note: You must be 18 years of age or older to apply and be able to provide proof of age if requested. All materials submitted become the property of TXBF, for the express use of act selection only.

Show dates are: Friday and Saturday May 10-11, 2019.
 You must have a complete showcase application to qualify! Incomplete entries will not be considered, and all application materials are non-returnable. Applications are not complete until registration fee is paid. So please wait to submit your application until you have ALL materials ready!

About The Selection Process

When submitting a number for consideration, video is the most helpful tool in the selection process! Whether it is a live performance in front of an audience or recording of a rehearsal, please choose a recording in which the selection committee can see:

  • Your face/facial expression and interplay with audience
  • The full extent of your choreography/spacing/overall execution and use of any props
  • Your costume – how well it fits you and works within the number

These criteria, as well as the actual judging criteria listed, below are all benchmarks used in the selection process.

About the Criteria for the Competition

Saturday Night is judged by our headliners and legend and these are the actual categories/descriptions on their ballot cards. Each category is rated on a scale of 1 (lowest score) to 10 (highest score).

The Friday night showcase has an “Audience Choice” award. TXBF employs the use of a sound meter and 4 different readings are taken throughout the duration of the number as well as additional observations and comments from the meter reader. An average of those readings, together with the comments help us determine that evenings winner. So far, every year we end up with anywhere from 2-4 numbers being called to stage for a final round of applause to help us determine the winner.

  • Costume – did it add to the piece/enhance the theme? Custom made or store bought? If store bought – extensively modified?
  • Musicality – did performer connect with the music and use it to create the proper mood, enhance/carry the theme, coordinate the strip and tease elements with accents and cadences?
  • Presentation/Facial Expression – did performer work/connect with the audience effectively? did piece build intensity, was there a visual crescendo?
  • Tease Factor – did you quiver with anticipation? were you left wanting more?
  • Choreography/Staging – were there actual steps/stylized movement involved? did overall use of stage/space work effectively within the context of the theme? did it fit the music?
  • Originality – was the concept/idea fresh or unique or provided a new or interesting take on the tease? Did the performance expand the boundaries of burlesque ?
  • Variety – If used a prop or novelty setting/items: was performer proficient with the prop/highly skilled, did the use of prop add to the piece/integral part of it, did it add to the theme. Was the concept clever and entertaining?

Music & Stage Information

All solo acts must be FOUR MINUTES OR LESS and all duet/group acts must be FIVE MINUTES OR LESS, including entrance and exit. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE, SO PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR MUSIC AND CHOREOGRAPHY FIT THIS LIMIT. Please limit the size and scope of props as we will NOT be able to accommodate ANY large scale props or you may be asked to perform the piece without them!!

Special note: All music must be submitted via MP3 with no licensing required. Should multiple performers submit the same piece of music, the performer whose application was received first will be given priority over subsequent applicants (so you may want to have a back-up piece in mind). If you are chosen to perform, but the producers find that your act is too similar to one that has already been selected, we will give you as much notice as possible so that you can submit another routine to Texas Burlesque Festival, at no additional cost.

Publicity Information

Performers must submit the following: bio, picture, performance video, or website/youtube link, and if available-print article of or about performer/troupe. Photos and video are always the most helpful in the decision making process! If a piece/performer is brand new/being debuted, please state so and realize this may put it in the Thursday night showcase, designed for new performers or debuted pieces.

Special notice about web materials:
Please type in links carefully! You may submit links to press, video, etc., which are not on your site, but if these URLS are password-protected, you must provide a password and direct link, as Selection Committee members will NOT view pages that require them to join, upload/download, search, browse or otherwise perform extra work in order to view your links.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Due to the volume of submissions, please wait to submit your app when you have ALL the needed information/music/video, as receiving multiple emails/info for one app is very confusing!!

As much as we would love to accept every application, please be aware we are limited in the number of slots we have available each night so send your BEST submission! Multiple submissions are allowed, but require an application fee for EACH number submitted! Thanks for your interest and good luck!

TXBF is no longer accepting applications for 2019