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Classes are $25 per person and 100% of the proceeds go to the instructors!

Elysium is a dance/night club so we suggest a towel or yoga mat for any classes that require floor work, due to the nature of floor/extensive use by shoes/heels etc.. Floor will be very clean, just potentially rougher hewn. Elysium is also less than a block away from the Saturday brunch location.

Sunday classes will take place at the Austin Academy of Burlesque (6039 N. IH-35, Austin, TX 78723) and a separate link will be posted for registering/paying for those classes below them.


Friday workshops @ Elysium
Shimmy and Shake | Legend Dusty Summers

Friday 4/27 1:00-2:00pm

A little or a lot, being able to control that jiggle is the secret to that little bit of extra energy in your performance. When you know how; a successful shimmy requires very little energy but it will look like you are working your butt off!

Learn how to shimmy with Burlesque Legend, Dusty Summers. One leg, two legs, a little or a lot. Shimmy while you touch your toes or while you parade about the stage.

Dusty Summers, known as Las Vegas’ Only Nude Magician, was a burlesque dancer known for her shimmy long before she added magic to her shows. She has been performing since 1965 and actually got her first job auditioning to Sandy Nelson’s “Let There Be Drums.” She has even been pitted against a live drummer who got tired long before she did! Her performance in 2013 BHOF featured her shimmy and landed her a spot in Vegas Nocturne at the Cosmopolitan for a 28 week run. Says Dusty, “If I can do it at age 70, you can do it!”

This workshop is open to all levels. Please wear something form fitting that you can move in, such as what you would wear to a yoga class. You are encouraged to bring high heels.

Pleasure and the Art of the Eye F*Ck | Jo Weldon

Friday 4/27 2:00-3:00pm

Flirt. Seduce. Devastate. Talk dirty with your eyes. Learn how to convey deep sexual confidence through eye contact, body language, and breathing exercises. Discover the power of being motivated by your own pleasure and joy. This is a playful, erotic, and penetrating class. Not for the faint of heart! Not a dance class, but wear clothes that feel good and in which you can move.

Jo Weldon has travelled the world teaching this class, designed to help both performers and nonperformers access their innate knowledge of seduction and sensuality. Come prepared to break past your comfort zones into a challenging, intimate, and sometimes hilarious session of self-discovery and improved connections.

Jo Weldon is the author of The Burlesque Handbook and the Headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque. For more than three decades, she has strutted her stuff in the buff around the world, from the seediest dive strip joints to the esteemed stages of the most elegant high brow venues. She has appeared on the list of top ten burlesque industry figures in 21st Century Burlesque’s annual poll every year for nine years. She has contributed to the administration of burlesque educational programs at Coney Island USA, The Burlesque Hall of Fame, and BurlyCon. Her next book, Fierce: The History of Leopard Print, is due from HarperDesign in 2018.

Saturday workshops @ Elysium
WERK THAT CHAIR! | Mr Gorgeous

Saturday 4/28 1:30-2:30pm

This class is all about moving on and around the chair with acrobatic intention. This short class will open your mind to new ways to mound and create shapes on the chair. It’s great for beginners and students who are new to the acrobatic game but feel in touch with the body. The class begins with a quick warm-up and stretch, basic inversions and ground movements. Next we will explore fun ways to add basic acrobatic movements and shapes into basic chair dance choreography. Prepare for all fun and no judgments, in this often time “out of the comfort zone” class.

Mr. Gorgeous has been charming audiences around the globe since 2009, with his comedic and charismatic approach to contemporary burlesque. He has become a frequent persona in NYC nightlife, working several iconic venues including The Slipper Room, Le Scandal, and Galapagos Art Space. Gorgeous has been awarded “Most Comedic” at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas in 2013 and “Mr. Exotic World – King of Boylesque 2014”

Embody Stage Presence | Alotta Boutte

Saturday 4/28 2:30-3:30pm

This choreography/movement class is for all levels. Through movement and dance, I want to help you get into your skin. I’ll be sharing tips and tricks for how to fill the space, grab your audience’s attention, and keep it. Full of great info for newbies. This is a great way to tune up, get reminders, and learn a few new tricks to amp up your presence on stage for more seasoned performers. We’ll break down basic steps that are common in burlesque and use them in a simple combination to practice stage presence tips.

Wear clothes to move in. Heels are fun but not required.

Alotta Boutte is an international cabaret and burlesque sensation. Hailing from the nightclubs of San Francisco, Ms. Boutte delivers the raunch, blues and soul of a Southern juke joint queen with the sophistication and charm of a Harlem debutante. Formerly a member of Harlem Shake, neo-burlesque’s first all black troupe, Ms. Boutte has been a featured performer at Tease-O-Rama, the Burlesque Hall of Fame, the New York Burlesque Festival, Helsinki Burlesque Festival, Stockholm’s Hootchy Kootchy Club and in Margaret Cho’s Sensuous Woman.

Sunday workshops @ Austin Academy of Burlesque (6039 N. IH-35, Austin, TX 78723)
Ultimate Self Confidence for Everyone! | World Famous *BOB*

Sunday 4/29 12:30-2:00pm


Ever feel stuck in who you are? Do you feel that your onstage presence has become stale? Does the predictability of your life bore you but youre not sure how to create change? Do you feel scared or unsure of being able to be the person youve always dreamt of being?

If no one tells you what you are- you can become anything.- World Famous *BOB*-One Man Show copyright 2009

This 90 min. interactive lecture will explore these questions in a safe group setting. World Famous *BOB* started her career as a female-female impersonator at the young age of 19 against ALL ODDS! She became a DRAG QUEEN and went on to become a Burlesque Sensation and now currently coaches people all over the world in her Ultimate Self Confidence! Workshops. A gifted storyteller & stellar Emcee of some of the Burlesque Worlds top events; including Burlesque Hall of Fame weekend in Las Vegas as well as festivals in Stockholm, Vienna and all over the U.S. from Alaska to NYC! *BOB*s humor and quick wit never fail to entertain. Let her open up the discussion of what is available for you. What dreams are sitting unfulfilled in your heart & mind and how can you move forward?

Class will consist of a lecture that opens up to questions and a small set of group activities. There is NO dancing or nudity in this workshop. This class is open to all genders and applicable to non-performers as well. Participants will need to be on time and bring a pen, paper, and one place in their life that they would like to address to class.

PURCHASE TICKET: https://ultimateselfconfidence.brownpapertickets.com/

“Naughty Girl” Swag Sensual Movements “Routines” | Egypt Blaque Knyle

Sunday 4/29 2:00-3:00pm

Learn basic sensual movement through stretch and body exploration, with 2017’s reigning Queen of TXBF !
Feel sexy with hypnotic head tosses, body circles, slow routines, seductive walks, and basic crawls. This class will focus on you learning how to do movements through repetition. The more you do the moves the better you will become. Even though the moves are slow and sexy, you will sweat.

PURCHASE TICKET: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3398219