About the Workshops

All workshops will take place at Elysium Night Club 705 Red River Street Austin TX 78701. Elysium is a dance/night club so we suggest a towel or yoga mat for any classes that require floorwork, due to the nature of floor/extensive use by shoes/heels etc. Floor will be very clean, just potentially rougher hewn.

Elysium is also less than a block away from the Saturday brunch location.

All workshops are $25 per person per class, plus a $2 processing fee and 100% of the proceeds go to the instructors! So come and expand your Burly-Q abilities and support our instructors too!

Strength (and Flexibility) | Trojan Original

Friday 3/7 12:00-1:30pm
All Levels

This class will focus primarily on strength training and conditioning with a healthy dose of flexibility and stretching theory on the side. Trojan will be discussing work out and stretching theories for optimal gain in both areas all the while leading you through a comprehensive set of stretches well suited for performers. We will cover active versus passive flexibility, injury prevention, stretching as you get older, do’s and don’ts for both working out and stretching, and much much more. It will help to have some dance or circus background but it’s not necessary as everything can be adjusted for any level.

This class is similar to the last years but will focus more on working out than flexibility. Yoga mat or towel is encouraged. A sweatshirt can also work as a pad for a few stretches. Stretchy work out clothes please.

Trojan is not a naturally flexible person and has had to work hard for the flexibility he has, and it’s been a long journey of discovering what works and what doesn’t, often the hard way over the course of his performance career. The goal of this class is to pass on that information so you don’t have to learn it all the hard way yourself.

Chair Dance Fundamentals | Lola Frost

Friday 3/7 1:30-3:00pm
All Levels

Learn the sassy and classic technique of chair dancing in this comprehensive foundation class. We start at the base with discovering the physicality, strength, and grace it takes to make this discipline look flawless! We cover safety, transition techniques, impactful poses, leg and arm work, and foundation inversions. We also cover the exercises that complement the moves learned for building the strength it takes to execute this style with ease. This class also has a small choreography component to explore act building with chair dancing.

Please wear leggings or crops, no shorts. If your knees are sensitive you can were legwarmers or knee pads, shoes are optional – bring water!

Co-director of the Vancouver Burlesque Centre, member of Sweet Soul Burlesque, Lola is an internationally recognized, award winning performer best known for her intense slow burn and combining her anachronistic styles of vintage and modern, a 1920’s starlet with a kiss of Ramones grit.

Intermediate Ballet | Paris Original

Friday 3/7 3:00-4:30pm

An Intermediate level ballet class for students with some previous experience in ballet (or for less experienced dancers wanting a challenge). This class will feature exercises at the barre (for this class we will use chairs), some stretching and conditioning, and center exercises. While the class follows a more traditional format, Paris works to give his class a fun atmosphere rather than focus on the strict formalities of ballet so we can all learn and move our bodies in a supportive environment. Let’s have fun and dance together!

Paris Original is Poetry in Motion, exuding the graceful elegance of balletic beauty. He calls on his extensive experience in many forms of dance and theatre to craft his unique style of burlesque. Possessing a statuesque aesthetic, he utilizes his affinity for movement to inspire and capture the hearts of audiences wherever he goes. Paris is also a founding member of the burlesque troupe Mod Carousel.

Put Your Face On! | The Luminous Pariah

Saturday 3/8 1:30-3:00pm
All Levels

A practical tutorial for glamorous stage-makeup

Drawing from years of experience along with countless sessions with drag queens, divas, and cirque folk, Luminous relays the basics (and not-so-basics) of heightening or altering your face for the stage. This class is useful for anyone who wants to up the drama-factor of their current look, create a new look, or simply learn how to look fabulous.

This is a hands on workshop, so please bring makeup to follow along with Lumi.

You should bring:

  • Self supporting make up mirror
  • A base foundation
  • Hi-light and contouring colors (light and shadow)
  • Setting powder
  • A makeup sponge and makeup brushes
  • A lip liner that is darker than your lipstick
  • Two complimentary colors of lipstick (i.e. dark red and brighter berry red)
  • A natural eye shadow pallet (shades of brown and a charcoal black)
  • A shimmer powder *optional*
  • An eyebrow pencil in your hair color
  • A black pencil eyeliner
  • A black liquid eyeliner (or Kryolan Aqua Color)
  • Eyelash glue
  • False Lashes

The Luminous Pariah is a Seattle-based international interdisciplinary performance artist, club persona, model, and fitness enthusiast. Lumi not only works as a soloist but as founder of boylesque troupe Mod Carousel. Mr. Pariah draws upon his extensive background in physical theatre and dance to bring you inspirational showcases that are designed to celebrate the thrilling highs and questionable lows of the kooky world we live in.

Choreographing the Story | Nikita Bitch Project

Saturday 3/8 3:00-4:30pm
All Levels

Choreographing a burlesque routine is not just about dance moves; it’s all about storytelling. This workshop focuses on conveying your story. We’ll cover methods to build a character; come up with costumes and props; make the most of music; and enrich the act with facial expressions. This is not a dance class, so please come in any outfit that’s comfortable to you!

Nikita Bitch Project (NBP) began performing in Tokyo, moving to America in 2011 to pursue her passion for burlesque. Since her Los Angeles debut in 2012, her unique style – strongly influenced by a love of pop culture and her street dance background – has quickly attracted attention/accolades from across the country. As seen on Ovation TV’s The Art of Burlesque and featured as one of the the best burlesque performers in LA by TimeOut Los Angeles, NBP has performed in international burlesque festivals such as Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend, and many shows across the country as well as Canada and Japan.